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Ladyboy Crush Review
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Ladyboy Crush Review – Welcome and enjoy the handpicked content from within this sexy site.  Scroll down to see the full review!

sweet tits
ladyboy Crush

Ladyboy Lesbians
Hot cumshot from Aum

Overview of Ladyboy Crush

Ladyboy Crush Review - Well they couldn’t have come up with a better name for their site because so many people have a crush on these sexy ladyboys.  I think they have come up with a pretty sweet site and I really like how there seems to be a personal touch with the girls.  Besides the hardcore movies that we all love and enjoy Crush has also introduced some cool interviews, behind the scenes and fun videos like walking the streets in Pattaya or checking out a Ladyboy Fashion show.

The site is updated quite frequently with multiple updates during the week. They also have contact information for most of the transsexuals inside and all the content is completely exclusive.  They also seem to have a lot of teen ladyboys which is great for those that love 18 and 19 year old katoeys!

Detailed Breakdown of Ladyboy Crush:

THE VIDEOS - What I like about the videos is many of them are very personal.  Having fun with the girls behind the scenes, interviews, walking the streets in Thailand and much more.  It is fun watching two ladyboys in bikinis watch themselves on the site, it’s too cute.  Of course you still get your hardcore films which include lesbian action, cock sucking, fucking, cumshots and lots of solo action.

The movies can be downloaded in many formats including IPod and DIVX for examples.  They are pretty cool with very impressive close up and angles on these lovely katoey girls.  They are a little smaller in length then some sites though, they get right to the point with these girls so you still get your main action but you are not going to get huge films on here, however there is a lot of movies which makes up for it!

THE PHOTOS - The photographs are really hot on this site.  Very clear, high quality and the photographer seems to know exactly how to focus on the girls. Lots of close ups of every part of the girl and using the search function inside you can find exactly the types of images you want from schoolgirl to cumshot.  What I find a little disappointing is you don’t seem to have the option to download the whole image set; you have to download each photo separately. 

OTHER FEATURES -   Crush has some great extra sections to the site.  The search function is great because if you are in the mood to see something like a schoolgirl you can just choose it from the list and you are presented with all the schoolgirl videos and images.  They also have a Ladyboy Guide to see where to go if you ever plan a trip to Bangkok and you also get access to the models contact information for almost all of the ladyboys inside.

JOIN METHODS AND DEALS – Ladyboy crush is actually a little cheaper right now then some of the other sites out there.  For a 30 day membership you are looking at $29.93 USD and for 90 days you get another deal of $79.95. You can join either by Check or Credit Card.  Of course these prices are subject to change and Ladyboy Crush does keep all your personal information private and secure.  The credit Card statement does not show Ladyboy Crush but instead says Diamond Key LLC for more privacy!


I enjoyed how Crush seems to get more personal in the videos and photos with the Ladyboys that is a great part of the site.  I do find the films a little smaller than usual but they are still pretty hot.  The contact information is great and having access to that search function is a real time saver and they do have a model section where you can also search by alphabet.  Crush is a strong site and they update a lot so you will never run out of content.  Strengths would be the bringing out the personality of the girls, the amazing photos and the extra features.  Weaknesses would be the size of the videos and the ability not to be able to download the whole image set at once.

Content Quality             8.5/10
Content Amount            9.0/10
Updates to Site              9.0/10
Navigation and Look     9.0/10
Worth the Price              9.0/10  Great if you love teen ladyboys and personal movies
Video Downloads          8.5/10
Average                         88%

I hope you enjoyed the review for this site and will check it out.  You will definitely have a great time inside and will be impressed and obviously turned on by these sexy Asian tgirls.  Click on the lovely katoey below to see the tour and take care from the Ladyboy Crush Review.

Ladyboy Crush Review

Long Mint Review
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Long Mint Review – Just scroll past my handpicked content from within  Ladyboy Mint’s new site to see the full review.

Long Mint
Pop Suck
schoolgirl ladyboy
nurse ladyboy mint
Dominant Mint


Ladyboy Mint Sucks Cock
Schoolgirl Ladyboy

Overview of Long Mint 

Long Mint Review – Well ever since Areeya got her own solo site I just knew  it would only be a matter of time for Mint to have her own personal place on  the web.  I was really hoping that the team at Ladyboy 69 that developed this site would do a great job and thankfully they did just that.  Long Mint is a high quality site with one of the sexiest and biggest cock Katoey girls from  Thailand and maybe the world! 

The site is updated quite frequently and knowing the webmasters that  developed this site you know they will keep it going for quite some time.  Mint has always been of great interest to ladyboy and cock fans.  She is a  sweet little thing with long dark hair, bedroom eyes, feminine body and of  course what really stands out is her huge 9 inch cock.  There is no tricks or Photoshop going on here, you can tell that her shecock is real and ready for  hardcore action.

Detailed Breakdown of Long Mint site:

THE VIDEOS – Well you can’t have a porn site without movies these days and Mint has some great ones.  You can watch them online via streaming if you are nervous about having the content on your hard drive or you can download the full movie in a low or high quality format.  The movies are about 400mb on average in size and they are quite amazing.  You can tell they are  professional filmed and Ladyboy Mint has no problems at all being the center of attention.  Each week you get a brand new photo set and video set for your enjoyment.

THE PHOTOS – Much like the videos you are going to get some pretty impressive images.  The photos have incredible color and clarity.  You can download each photo set via a zip file or just sit back and view them on the site.  You also can view them in 1024X768 or 1500×1000 size.  Each set has about 150 images of this sexy katoey and you will not be disappointed to add them to your wallpaper on your computer! 

OTHER FEATURES – Each video or image set you can leave comments and also rate the content.  It can be kind of fun to see what others have to say about Mint.  There is also a Wallpaper section and soon there will be a WebCam section featuring more of Mint!  Also you will find Mint’s Email address where you can email her and ask her questions, just say hello or just tell her how beautiful she is, she loves that!

JOIN METHODS AND DEALS - You can join by credit card or by check.  The membership prices as of this review are $29.95 for 30 days or an even better deal of $99.95 for 180 days of big cock Mint (subject to change).  The purchases are secure and private.  Mint wants you to join and feel safe and respects your privacy. Finally as an added bonus, if you join for another month after the first 30 days you get access to another site. You can choose out of a selection of 5 more sites presently. If you choose the $99.95 option you get access to another site right away!


If you love Ladyboy Mint then you are going to just fall in love with this site.  She is as hot as ever and that cock is just huge and ready for action. She even does some things I have never seen her do on other sites such as suck another guy’s cock.  I was instantly surprised and impressed by her blowjob skills.  I guess a girl that can suck her own cock has lots of practice because she swallowed that lucky guy with no problems.  If you find that a solo site is not for you but you still want to see Ladyboy Mint then I
would suggest Ladyboy69 as an alternative.  You still get lots of movies, images and even her contact information on that site as well.

Content Quality            9.5/10
Content Amount           8.5/10  (new site it will get bigger)
Updates to Site             8.5/10  Once a week new photo set and video set
Navigation and Look    10/10
Worth the Price             9.0/10
Video Downloads         9.0/10
Average                        91%

I hope you enjoyed the review of this site and will come in and check it out. Definitely amazing fun if Ladyboy Mint is one of your favorite Asian transsexuals.  Have fun and click on Mint below to be taken to her personal site.  Good Bye from the Long Mint Review!

Long Mint Review

Extreme Ladyboys Review
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 Extreme Ladyboys Review.  Enjoy some of the photos and videos below from the site and then check out the full review.  If you like what you see then come inside and check it out.

Extreme Ladyboy Lowse
Amy Aum Aum and Noon
Be Candy Ladyboy Cream
Es and Noi Katoey June Teen Lowse
Ladyboy Moo Ladyboy Pancake Ladyboy Secretary
Es and Noi

Extreme Ladyboys Review

If you love Ladyboys and you love things a little kinky then this site is probably a great choice for you to check out.  Extreme Ladyboys is created by the same webmasters that brought you Ladyboy 69 so you know it’s going to be a great place on the web. In fact you will see a few of the girls from 69 on Extreme.  You usually think of Ladyboys as sweet and innocent but this site tests the boundaries of that theory and brings you into a new world of fetish delights.  Hardcore images and movies of Domination, Lesbians, watersports, anal play, maids, sissy ladyboys and so much more are waiting for you inside the walls.

Personally I do enjoy Ladyboy 69 more because my fetish side isn’t as strong as some but for the individual that likes to be a little more risky then its an excellent choice.  I am still a member of Extreme Ladyboys and plan to be for a long time.  Though not all the movies are my cup of tea there is a huge collection of films that I just love.  What I like about it the best is how these Asian transsexuals always seem to be fucking enjoying themselves no matter what position or role they find themselves in.

Detailed Breakdown

The Models – As mentioned before many of the girls you will have seen before.  Sexy girls like Ladyboy Amy or Emma as they call her are waiting for cock inside.  There are also a lot of girls I have never seen before.  The main fact is almost all of them are very sexy with hot tight slim bodies and sweet Asian cocks all looking to play. You will also find a number of teen ladyboys which makes things extra hot.

The Videos – Each photo set on the website has a video to go with it.  They update every week with a new girl or girls just waiting to be penetrated.  The movies are of amazing quality.  You have the option to download the full movie in Windows Media or Mov format.  There are also high and low versions.

You also have the streaming option if you prefer not to have the video downloaded to your personal computer.  Just watch the videos online and enjoy.  You can break them down into scenes or watch the whole video at once.  The movies have a wide range of fetish play.  From your basic lesbian, fucking, blowjob scenes to your more naughty world of Peeing, dominating, submissive role play and anal play. 

The Photos – The photos are of very high quality.  You can download the whole set in a zip format or just enjoy flipping through the pages with each image set.  Almost all the sets have over 100 photos each and many of them reach into the 2 and 3 hundreds which is a pretty sweet amount of photos.

Join Methods and Deals

You can join Extreme Ladyboys by either Credit Card or Check.  For a 30 day membership you are looking at $41.00 dollars. The best deal if you can afford a little more cash is the $102.00 dollars 180 day membership which comes out to about only $17 dollars a month.  An obvious sweeter deal.  Of course these prices are subject to change but as of the writing of this Extreme Ladyboys Review that is the price at the present time.  You also get access to another site after 30 days, if you take the 102 dollar deal you get access to another site right away!

The purchases are secure and private and you will not see Extreme Ladyboys title on your credit card statement.  You can even join Anonymously with a new program that they have with netcash.  I believe it adds another layer so know one knows who you are, which is a key feature to many Ladyboy admirers. Either way is very secure and private.

Extreme Ladyboys Review Summary

If you are a fan of ladyboys and also a fan of Fetish and extreme sex then this site is an excellent choice.  The site is well set up and easy to navigate inside.  You get what you pay for.  A great collection of high quality photos and some killer videos of some of the sexiest Asian Katoey girls you are going to find.  It is a great site for breaking out of the same old sexual scenes you see on almost every other porn site.  If you are looking for something a lot different then its great fun.  If you rather just see regular hot hardcore Ladyboy porn then I would recommend looking at Ladyboy 69 instead.  They are made by the same creators of Extreme Ladyboys but are a little more mainstream or you can be a member of both sites like myself.

I would say if you are a fan of Fetish then the numbers below should be a little higher, this is just an overall personal opinion.  I do think this site is the best fetish Ladyboy site that I have found.

Content Quality                         9.0/10
Content Amount                        9.0/10  
Updates to Site                          9.0/10
Navigation and Look                 8.5/10
Worth the Price                         9.0/10
Video Downloads                       9.0/10
Average                                       89%

I hope this helps you out in your final decision.  If you like what you see then put this sexy Ladyboy Cowgirl Cindy on your back and ride to the site.  Have fun and I hope you enjoyed the Extreme Ladyboys Review.

Extreme Ladyboys

Ladyboy Gold – New Site and New Paysite Review!
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Ladyboy Gold Review

A brand new Asian Shemale site has arrived called LADYBOY GOLD.  I just stumbled upon this site the other day and after checking out a couple previews of the photos and movies I was hooked and had to join up and see what it was all about.  The images are amazing with quality that places them in the top two for ladyboy sites in my personal opinion. 

You can tell they are professional down with someone that really admires these special Katoey girls.  The videos are hot as well and some of the movies really focus in on the girl. For example one of my Favorite ladyboys named Wawa, the camera just focuses on her beautiful eyes, lips and face as she gives this guy an amazing blowjob.

Each girl has her own personal page in the site which makes navigation quite easy. They all have about 10 to 15 gallery sets each and about 10 videos each.  Since the site is new you won’t find a huge database of different girls but after talking to the owner they will be adding new tgirls soon with the same layout.  Lots of videos and image sets.  All and all I think this site has a huge potential for being one of the best Ladyboy sites on the net.


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Ladyboy Gold Review.  Just Scroll Past The Free Content From LADYBOY GOLD.  I Hand Picked Some Hot Content From The Site!

Wawa Wants Cock
Wawa and Moo for the first time!

Sexy Amy, Sweet Ass

Fucking Hot Moo

Wawa so cute with braces

Teen Ladyboy Lee

Moo and Wawa Lesbian Fun

Blonde Katoey Kai

Cute Ladyboy

Bulge in panties!

School Girl Wawa

Teen Ladyboys like Lee
Ladyboy Gold

Amy Sucking Hard Cock!
Wawa Playing With Her Sweet Dick!

Overview of LADYBOY GOLD

Ladyboy Gold Review. I just found this rather new Asian shemale site called LADYBOY GOLD.  After seeing the quality of the images in the previews plus some of my favorite girls such as Katoey Moo and Wawa I had to sign up and see what this site was all about.  I have to admit I am quite impressed by the content and quality of this new gem on the Internet.  Since the site is pretty new there are not a lot of different girls.  However,  the girls that are on the site have huge amounts of content.  Each tgirl has about 15 photo shoots on average and about 10 video clips as well.

The site is updated quite frequently and the Owner of the site tells me that future girls will be added as well.  I am most impressed by the quality of the images; you can tell that the owner is a true fan of these sexy Katoey girls.  Dressing them up in some of the sexiest outfits I have ever seen.  School Girl Outfits, nurse, lingerie, fishnets and so much more.  I would have to say in regards to the images this site would be in the top two for professional photography for Ladyboys.

Detailed Breakdown of LADYBOY GOLD

THE MODELS – One of my favorite features is each ladyboy has their own personal page. You click on the name of the girl and you are taken to her little spot on the site.  You get to see the following information:

1. Her Statistics
2. Her photo Sets which have a hot thumbnails and description
3. A preview of her next updates
4. Her Video Sets
5. Finally at the bottom links to other girls.

The site is very organized and I am quite impressed by that feature.

THE VIDEOS – Videos are pretty hot as well.  You get to download them in Windows format, Real Player and even IPod. They also have streaming option, which means you can watch the video online. A great feature if you are uneasy about putting the file on your personal computer. They range about 10 to 15 minutes for each click but there are quite a lot of them.  All types of movies including solo movies, hardcore anal fucking, cumshots and my personal favorite the blowjobs. 

They do a really hot job of focusing in with the camera as these girls suck cock.  Wawa has an incredible blowjob scene that enters my thoughts everyday.  Each girl has a lot of video sets, 8 videos per girl on average which is incredible if you have some favorites and they add new fims quite frequently.

PHOTO SETS – Each Ladyboy has about 10 to 15 galleries.  The photography as I mentioned earlier is amazing.  Great lighting, sexy outfits, clear and high quality photos.  Not just some webmaster with his old crappy camera but instead professional hardcore images of some of the sexiest ladyboys known to man.  Most of the sets consist of the solo girl, but they also have a few hot ones where two ladyboys are together.  I am sure they will be brining in all sorts of hot themes!

OTHER FEATURES – Wallpapers for your computer are available too.  They have created some well designed ones of these sexy ladyboys for your computer. They have a cool news section to tell you what is going on with the site and finally they have a DVD movie that the owner created for you to download and enjoy as well.

Join Methods and Deals

You can join with your credit card, with an online check or phone options as well. A monthly recurring membership will cost you $29.94 per month.  There is also a 3 month non recurring subscription for $79.95.  That is the price when this review was done, it could obviously change in the future.  The transactions are secure and private and the site will not appear by the Ladyboy Gold name on your statement to keep your privacy.


This site definitely has a lot of potential. The photos have amazing quality and you can tell are professional done.  The Videos are also done with skill and you can tell that both contents have been created by a true Ladyboy admirer.  Since the site is so new it does lack a large database of Ladyboys.  However they will be adding beautiful girls on the site as it ages. If they keep up with the same format that they have now it will be an exceptional porn site very soon. 

Each girl having their own little page on the site is an excellent idea.  Well structured and easy to navigate makes this site very enjoyable. What I love about this site the best is if you like one of the models on the site you get numerous photo sets and videos.  I always hate it when I join a porn site to see a particular girl and she only has one video or one image set.  LADYBOY GOLD you will always find multiple films and sets to enjoy.

Content Quality                   9.5/10
Content Amount                  8.5/10  (New Site)
Updates to Site                    8.5/10
Navigation and Look           9.0/10
Worth the Price                    9.0/10
Video Downloads                  9.0/10
Average                                 90% out of 100

I hope you enjoyed the review and if you are intersted then make sure to click on Ladyboy Wawa below to be taken to their hot site.  Have fun and I hope you enjoyed the Ladyboy Gold Review!

Ladyboy Gold Review